Oriental Style

Oriental Decoration Style in El Portillo Decoration


The Oriental style is based on the traditional and more modern decoration of the Asian continent, which encompasses a lot of countries are very unique styles. The oriental style we use in the West encompasses Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai, among others. So before we start to choose, it is important to know the uniqueness of each culture, which although it has some common elements, many are typical of country or concrete tradition.

Whatever Oriental style chosen to decorate your home, you will get an exotic and relaxing air, typical of these Asian cultures.

Let’s start with the base colors of the Far East. The Oriental style is based on neutral tones, such as whites, beiges or light browns. These will be used on walls, furniture, carpets, etc. Accompanying them in other colors such as black or bright colors such as red, ochre or orange in auxiliary furniture or other decorative accessories.

And speaking of furniture, we must be very clear about which ones we need and how we will structure them. Asian décor is committed to harmony and balance in the face of chaos. It is a style that stands out for its simplicity, equipping the houses with only what is necessary, which brings it very close to the minimalist decoration. Yin and yang in your home.

If we have to choose furniture, low furniture is usually used to keep the field of view open, and in a small amount, in a clear commitment to harmony in the face of chaos. The modern Oriental style stands out for its simplicity, especially the Thai and Japanese style.

Textile elements such as cushions, carpets or curtains usually include geometric, florar or animal prints, but always without over-reloading.

Oriental style brings Asian yin and yang to your home, creating rooms with simplicity and elegance as pillars.


The most modern Oriental style can be combined with any Nordic, classic, minimalist or natural decorative style, with smooth and soft base colors and oriental decorative elements that bring color, character and attract everyone’s gaze.

The goal is to get your decorative style to converge with the oriental style, without overloading it, to create a stay that inspires peace, relaxation and at the same time energy with elements of vibrant colors, red, orange, yellow… few elements and well distributed throughout the room.

Wabi-Sabi style

The beauty of perfect imperfection. This defines the top-trend Japanese style, wabi-sabi. It is based on our houses showing the passage of time in their walls, floors or furniture, but renovated and retouched with neutral colors and highlighting the natural materials that form them.

The simplicity and naturalness of the wabi-sabi style are achieved using few pieces, but of materials that bring warmth, such as glass, natural fibers, wood, terracotta,… Do you sign up for wabi-sabi?


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