Luxury Style


Luxury style seeks to show us the luxury, sophistication and elegance of a stay and its inhabitants. It is a classic look in constant renewal.

This decorative style takes as references noble materials such as woods, stone, marble or tile that reinforce the luxury and quality that the space transmits before starting to decorate it.

Fabrics or wallpapers on walls with neutral backgrounds such as gray or pearl, and the complement of pieces in silver and gold, glass, antiques or vintage pieces, complete the atmosphere.

Depending on the season, its star color varies between silver and gold. At this moment the gold that we can find in El Portillo Decoración predominates in pieces such as mirrors, decorative figures, floor or ceiling lamps, candle holders, paintings and textiles.

The decorative elements that create a Luxury-style stay are:

  • Natural wood furniture in dark or light lacquered colors
  • Jewel furniture
  • Classic carpets
  • Textiles with touches of gold or silver and soft colors in fabrics such as satin, silk, velvet
  • Carved glass, in vases, lamps, figures…
  • Classic or modern mirrors in gold or silver
  • Antiques
  • Classic desktop parts

To decorate LUXURY style spaces the balance between elegance and ostentation must be maintained,so it is not advisable to recharge with many pieces, and the chosen ones must create harmony with each other and have an aesthetic and also functional sense.


The Luxury style adapts especially well in the old houses, with original floors in wood, marble or tile, with high ceilings and moldings on the ceilings, as ideal spaces for this type of decoration, which will look to the maximum in spacious and clear spaces. This is the most classic Luxury.

However, modern houses, renovated or newly built, can also show off their LUXURY style, choosing upholstered or paper walls with designs in the same color as the background, mirrors of classic or handcrafted shapes in gold and silver, quality carpets that create uniform environments, and with glass and lighting as essential elements, which combined with each other give harmony and warmth to the environment.

The Luxury style has no age or eras, every season resurfaces with pieces untied among which we can find the design and material that we like the most, and find the personal touch that makes us feel the kings of our house.


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