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Do you feel in your environment when you are surrounded by luxury and sophistication? The LUXURY style creates elegant and luxurious homes, combining exquisite and very unique pieces, without excesses. Recreate this decorative style with materials such as noble woods, glass, gold and silver finishes, and complete it with silk or velvet fabrics both in decoration and covering the walls.

Luxury's Style

The WILD JUNGLE style recreates the jungle atmosphere and tropical beaches in your home with pieces in the form of pineapples, palm trees or flamingos and fabrics with colorful prints of plants, flowers and tropical birds.

Wild's Style


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The IBIZA BEACH style is the look of summer. This timeless style brings out its references of the pure white color of the Ibizan island, creating bright, fresh, relaxing and informal spaces, in close relation to the sea and the beach. Its star color is white, which alone or combined with sand, grey or pastel tones, contrasts with the Mediterranean blue, present in almost all the compositions of this style.


The Natural style brings the softest and most welcoming tones and shapes of nature to our rooms. With sand, cream, broken whites or pale colors such as zules, green or yellow, the Natural decoration creates rooms for relaxation, very cozy. The preferred raw materials are natural, organic and sustainable fibers such as linen, cotton, rattan, wicker or bamboo in pieces of all sizes and uses.


The African style is inspired by the colors of the savannah and tribal prints. The African elements in a room transmit strength, energy and the return to the purest nature. Warmth is one of the most attractive points of African ethnic style, both indoors and outdoors.

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